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December 15, 2003 - 4 Neue Downloads
A full featured Paypal Shopping Cart/Subscription System for phpNUKE Version 6.0 - 7.0.

Version: 2.1b Dateigröße: 546.21 Kb
Eingetragen am: 15-Dez-2003 Downloads: 689
Bewertung: 7.0 (2 Stimmen)
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Bereich: phpNUKE/Addons-Module/Shopsystem

Postnuke Moodle Hack for postNUKE Version 0.7.2.x. Requires no tables in the DataBase.

Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 28.59 Kb
Eingetragen am: 15-Dez-2003 Downloads: 51

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Bereich: postNUKE - Zikula/Addons-Module

This module for phpNUKE Version 5.5 - 7.0 will allow users of your site to play FOUR online games with highscores to compete against other members, games include:

Version: 2.0 Dateigröße: 152.20 Kb
Eingetragen am: 15-Dez-2003 Downloads: 668
Bewertung: 7.0 (6 Stimmen)
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Bereich: phpNUKE/Addons-Module/Spiele-Games

Ever Wondered what your porn star name would be or what you would be called if you lived with cavemen or was a superhero? Well wonder no more as you can now find all these out and develop more in only a few simple steps. This is a name generator which takes a person's full name and sometimes the gender of the individual depending on the type of generator being used and converts it to a fictional name. This current version has the ability to work out:
- a persons porn star name (gender based)
- a persons caveman name
- a persons superhero name
- for phpNUKE Version 6.0 - 7.0

Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 111.92 Kb
Eingetragen am: 15-Dez-2003 Downloads: 122

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Bereich: phpNUKE/Addons-Module/Sonstige-Misc


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