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November 27, 2005 - 2 Neue Downloads
Slovak language file (charset: iso-8859-2) for phpNUKE Version 7.9.

Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 146.53 Kb
Eingetragen am: 27-Nov-2005 Downloads: 7

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Bereich: phpNUKE/Grundsystem-Basesystem/Sprachen-Languages

pnForum is the completly integrated forum solution for PostNuke-CMS (Usermanagement, Themesystem, Permission-Management, Administration, adoDB, pnAPI) and comes with a search include, complete customizable Stats- and Centerblock and is multilingual.

Most important changes:
* Mail2Forum enables to copy mails from any pop3 mailaccout to a forum, so you can mirror mailinglists to a forum for discussion.
* RSS2Forum is almost the same for RSS feeds (based on work by Franky Chestnut).
* pnForumComments enables you to use pnForum as a comments module. Right now only the News module is supported. New News entries are copied to the first posting of a thread, the posting will be updated after changes to the News entry. All other modules get basic support only unless some special support functions are written. Contact me for more information about this.
* Simplified forum moderation (credit to Thomas Pawlitzki for this addition).
* Plus a lot of bug fixes and minor improvements.

This version needs min. PostNuke .760 although it is recommended to use .761 or later. For the new features there are some docs in pndocs/lang/eng/* available. In order to use Mail2Forum and RSS2Forum efficiently it is also recommended to use cron jobs that look regularly for new emails or RSS news.

The package also contains an updated pnRender.class.php because the versions in both .760 and .761 have a bug in a function that only pnForum uses at the moment.

All of you who are using your own templates are requested to read the changelog.txt file which describes the most important changes for templates designers.

For postNUKE Version 0.7.6.x.

Version: 2.6 Dateigröße: 523.00 Kb
Eingetragen am: 27-Nov-2005 Downloads: 67

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Bereich: postNUKE - Zikula/Addons-Module


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